Blue Cross & Blue Shield Bailing

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Bailing From The Marketplace

The cornerstone carriers we have all come to know and love seem to be falling through the cracks. Pulling out of the marketplace is trending heavily in the insurance industry right now. In states all around the mid-west, people are left with 1 or no options for healthcare through the marketplace. For example, every carrier but Medica pulled out of the marketplace in Nebraska and Iowa. And recent statements and notions from Medica are hinting at them exiting as well. Although they have exited in many other states so far, the big news as of this last week in Kansas City is Blue Cross & Blue Shield bailing from the marketplace.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City currently has more than 1 million members. Their recent move out of the marketplace effects 67,000 of those members. President and CEO of Blue KC, Danette Wilson said, "Like many other health insurers across the country, we have been faced with challenges in this market. Through 2016, we have lost more than $100 million. This is unsustainable for our company." Many of the Blues had already exited the marketplace in many states, and Michigan just added themselves to that list.  In addition to the negative effects it will have on consumers, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas City no longer paid commissions on exchange this last year. Now, they aren't even available to individuals for the year of 2018. Missouri and Kansas residents will have very little options available for health insurance.

2017 and 2018 Carriers That Remain

The volatility of the industry leaves residents of many states with little to no options for health insurance. Of the options that remain, most carriers are not paying commissions to agents. Fortunately, Apollo Organization is contracted with almost every carrier. With these exclusive contracts, we allow agents to have access to the best solutions for their clients and provide good commissions to the agent. Due to the chaos in the marketplace, new carriers have emerged recently. Not many people have heard of these new carriers, but they are making massive waves in the industry. As a result of their success, hundreds of thousands of people are making the decision to switch. These carriers offer a variety of plans. These plans include Affordable Care Act exempt, 364 day short term plans (available in all states), Affordable Care Act compliant, guaranteed issued, non-guaranteed issued, accident, critical illness, medicare supplements, and life insurance.

What Apollo Can Do For You

Your duty as agents is not to make the greatest profit, although that is a great goal.  Instead, an agents goal should be to find the plans that fit your clients perfectly, while making a decent profit. Our success at Apollo coincides with how well we can train, advise, and educate agents. The result of the training and education is to remain a great adviser for clients and remain viable in their business. We open up doors to have access to almost every carrier and plan offered. Because of our success at Apollo, we have access to very high commission rates with a variety of carriers. We pride ourselves in our great customer service to agents who choose Apollo and fantastic training, connections, and insight to the agents we partner with. If you feel the desire to become part of the Apollo family, please don't hesitate to contact us today!