Health Insurance For Your Clients

Health Insurance for Your Clients- What's Happening

Recently, chaos has become a trend in the health insurance industry. What used to be the norm, now seems near impossible to attain. The industry used to seem dream-like, in the fact that a fair amount of the agents/brokers that entered the industry were prosperous beyond their wildest dreams. Carriers are making it tougher for you to offer the right health insurance for your clients, as well as stay in business. Nowadays, the industry has become wounded.

The wounds began with carriers cutting commissions, restricting access to better networks, or leaving the industry entirely. For example: Coventry was acquired by Aetna and is no longer providing coverage;  Assurant is completely out of business; Humana and Aetna recently announced they are exiting the individual health insurance markets;  and Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield have either cut commissions or eliminated them altogether.  All of this has caused thousands of agents/brokers nation-wide to hold up a white flag and surrender.  Our objective is to help you remain viable with your clients and financially stable for you and your family.

Health Insurance For Your Clients- Your Options

We at Apollo offer many plans, both ACA (Affordable Care Act) Exempt and ones that comply with the ACA. The perks of offering the ACA Exempt plans are that they cost much less for the client, and make the agent a great level commission. But the specific plans we have at Apollo through each of our carriers generally offer a greater commission that resemble the way commissions used to work before the ACA. Additional perks to our ACA Exempt plans include the numerous benefits offered to better the customer's experience with health care. But we also offer plans that comply with the ACA. Those plans come with commissions of lesser amounts, but maybe they fit the customer's needs better based on their means.

The ACA exempt plans we offer come with many perks to the client. For example, one of the plans we offer has a copay for a primary care doctor of $20-$25, and copay for urgent care of $20-$40. Annual wellness exams are free to the consumer. Additionally, they have a 24/7/365 tele-medicine service, and are on Coventry's old PPO network. The particular plan gets the client out of paying any penalties at the end of the year and are simply ingenious and affordable. Lastly all of these plans come with their concierge service. The concierge's job is entirely to make sure the client's healthcare experience plays out exactly the way it was planned.

Here is a quick look at several plans we have available to offer the agents we partner with: 364 day term plans that are non-guaranteed issue ACA exempt, guaranteed issue ACA compliant plans, ACA plans, hospital indemnity plans, accident plans, critical illness plans (guaranteed and non-guaranteed issue), dental plans, and life insurance.

Health Insurance For Your Clients - An Apollo Success Story

We've had an immense amount of positive feedback from agents that join our group. For instance, there is one particular example that comes to mind and explains exactly what we're about as a company. We recently had an agent that reached out to us that started in this industry at age 21.  He only works the under 65 market, and for the first time, in his mid-thirties, he is questioning leaving all his clients behind and starting over in a new industry. This agent had approximately 800 clients and had to travel all the time to tend to their needs. He was making very low profits for the amount of clients he had. Frankly, he was about to fall in line with the national trend and give up.

But, he got in contact with Apollo, and we told him what we could do for him. With his 800 clients, he was constantly servicing them and was struggling to keep up.  Now with the products we have available, he has scaled back to 500 clients and is making more than what he was making when he had 800 clients with his old products. He has been extremely grateful for what we do and how we were able to save him from closing his doors.

Health Insurance For Your Clients - What Apollo Can Do For You

Your duty as agents is not to make the greatest profit, although that is a great goal; but instead to find the plans that fit just right for the clients, while making a decent profit. Our success at Apollo is measured by how well we can train, advise, and educate the agents in the field to remain a great advisor for their clients and remain viable in their business. We open up doors to have access to almost every carrier and every plan offered. Because of our success at Apollo we have access very high commission rates with a variety of carriers.  We ensure phenomenal customer service to our clients and amazing training, connections, and insight to the agents partner with. So if you feel the desire to get in contact with us, please don't hesitate to do so! Become a part of the Apollo family today!